Make art with flowers and love !

Hello, I'm Joanna, the founder of La Bicyclette Studio, a floral designer inspired by love stories and family roots. My journey into the world of flowers began in my grandfather's garden, where Jean-Jacques lovingly crafted bouquets for my grandmother Trinité. There, I discovered the magic of floral art, a tradition passed down through generations.

In homage to rural France where my ancestors picked wildflowers by bicycle to adorn their festive tables, I named my studio La Bicyclette. It's a constant reminder of my roots, even as my work has evolved into an urban and contemporary style. Despite this evolution, I remain true to my origins, grounded in the simplicity and beauty of nature.

My creative process is fueled by my hometown, Bordeaux, a true melting pot of art, culture, and diversity. I draw inspiration from the encounters I have there, from the artistic, cultural, and ecological initiatives that flourish. For me, creativity is an endless journey, a constant exploration of the world around me.

The floral beauty into urban environments

I deeply believe in the expressive power of flowers, which transcends boundaries and prejudices. My work aims to integrate floral beauty into urban environments, to bring a breath of life and simplicity into our city lives. It's my way of never forgetting my roots, of staying connected to the earth and its wonders, even in the heart of the city.

As a floral designer, I strive to create unique and moving experiences for my clients, capturing the essence of their love and story through my creations. La Bicyclette Studio is more than just a floral design studio; it's a celebration of life, love, and the beauty that surrounds us.

Welcome to my floral universe, where each petal tells a story and each bouquet is a work of art. I invite you to embark with me on this enchanted journey, where flowers become the language of our deepest emotions.

Step into my world of inspiration!

In this series of blog articles, I'll be sharing the latest sources of creativity that fuel my floral designs.